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M2M modem with an attitude, giving your M2M technology requirements the communication edge it needs.



Quake Global Dual Mode Modem  

Ease Of Integration

The Quake Global QPRO is the first and only solution on the market to offer a unified communications protocol that enables machine-to-machine (M2M) communications across multiple global satellite and terrestrial networks.

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At A Glance


  • Dual-mode (satellite, terrestrial)
  • Certified for ORBCOMM®, Iridium®, Inmarsat®, 
  • GSM with GPS
  • One- or two-way M2M and B2B internet communications


  • Small, rugged, environmentally-sealed module
  • Fully programmable standalone solution
  • Patented universal communications protocol


  • Unprecedented network access and customization options
  • Tested to meet and exceed J1455 and IP67 requirements
  • Advanced 50-channel GPS system


  • Size: 4.69” x 4.7”x 2.27”
  • (119.2mm x 119.4 mm x 57.6mm)
  • Weight: .85lbs (390.6 grams)

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Markets

The QPRO is a network-agnostic and feature-rich M2M communications system designed for multiple rugged industrial applications requiring environmentally-sealed asset monitoring and tracking.

Heavy & Mining Equipment   Oil & Gas   Maritime

Heavy & Mining Equipment

Provides reliable asset monitoring and tracking of trucks and heavy equipment in harsh environmental conditions.

Enables cost-effective management of millions of dollars of valuable assets in real time.


Oil & Gas

Retrieves data automatically from remote power substations and metering facilities, such as oil and gas supply stations.

Eliminates labor- and resource-intensive manual monitoring and management of remote oil and gas assets.



Enables tracking and monitoring of sea-going vessels with highly-accurate GPS tracking.