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Programmable, low-latency, global asset monitoring and tracking.



Quake Global Satellite Modem  

Ease Of Integration

The Quake Global Q9612 combines the low latency of the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) service, with native automotive power conditioning in a heavy duty, compact transceiver designed specifically for the global coverage of the Iridium® satellite network.

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At A Glance


  • Satellite
  • Certified for Iridium
  • Economical, two-way M2M and B2B internet communications


  • Small, low-profile footprint
  • Programmable standalone solution
  • Low-latency communications


  • AT Command Set interface
  • 9-18V power conditioning
  • Withstands 12V automotive transients


  • Size: 4.3” x 2.5”x .75”
  • (109mm x 64mm x 19mm)
  • Weight: .35lbs (159 grams)

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Markets

The Q9612 is rugged, power-efficient transceiver designed for users who already have an asset monitoring and tracking solution that includes a controller and who want to incorporate global communications over the Iridium satellite network.

Heavy & Mining Equipment   Oil & Gas   Maritime

Heavy & Mining Equipment

Improves asset monitoring and tracking of trucks and heavy equipment anywhere on the planet.

Enhances safety of mobile assets in emergency situations through low-latency communications.


Oil & Gas

Provides reliable data retrieval from remote metering facilities and gas supply stations.

Simplifies data acquisition and alarm reporting from remote assets.



Reduces delays in communications with sea-going vessels, wherever they are.