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Compact, self-contained, basic satellite communicator.



Orbcomm Modem  

Ease Of Integration

The Quake Global Q1000 is a basic, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications system that combines a variety of configuration options in a compact, asset monitoring and tracking solution designed specifically for the ORBCOMM® satellite network.

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At A Glance


  • Satellite
  • Certified for ORBCOMM
  • Economical, two-way M2M and B2B internet communications


  • Small, compact, low profile
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Robust, reliable operation


  • Serial interface
  • Simple, flexible integration options
  • Easily integrates with other systems


  • Size: 2.5" x 2.5"x .63"
  • (64mm x 64mm x 16mm)
  • Weight: .25lbs (113.64 grams)

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Markets

The Q1000 is rugged, power-efficient M2M communications system designed for users who already have an asset monitoring and tracking solution that includes a controller and who want to enable communications over the ORBCOMM satellite network.

Heavy & Mining Equipment   Oil & Gas   Maritime

Heavy & Mining Equipment

Improves asset monitoring and tracking of trucks and heavy equipment anywhere on the planet.

Enhances monitoring and tracking of mobile assets with satellite-based communications.


Oil & Gas

Enables reliable satellite-based communication of data from remote metering facilities and gas supply stations.

Simplifies data acquisition and alarm reporting from remote assets.



Augments tracking and monitoring of sea-going vessels with satellite-based coverage.