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Ultra-compact, voice and data satellite transceiver.



Iridium Voice Modem  

Ease Of Integration

The 9523 voice and data transceiver offers an extremely small footprint design for easy integration of two-way, voice and data communications over the global Iridium® satellite network.

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At A Glance


  • Satellite
  • Certified for Iridium
  • Pole-to-pole global coverage


  • Ultra-compact, low-profile footprint
  • Requires less real estate on printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Supports all Iridium voice and data services


  • Voice, circuit-switched data and RUDICS capable
  • Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) capable
  • Direct PCB integration


  • Size: 2.77" x 1.41"x (reservoir capacitors) .57" (screen can) .35"mm
  • (70.44mm x 36.04mm x (reservoir capacitors) 14.6mm (screen can) 8.9mm)
  • Weight: .070lbs (32 grams)

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Markets

The 9523 delivers cost-effective satellite voice and data communications for single or multi-channel communication platforms, as well as highly capable, feature-enhanced handheld smart devices and unattended sensors.

Heavy & Mining Equipment   Oil & Gas   Maritime

Heavy & Mining Equipment

Enhances asset monitoring and tracking of heavy equipment anywhere on the planet.

Enables efficient and effective management of mobile assets, such as trucks and containers.


Oil & Gas

Provides efficient and cost-effective monitoring, management, and control of remote oil and gas assets.

Simplifies data acquisition and alarm reporting from remote assets.



Enables real-time tracking and monitoring of sea-going vessels, wherever they are.

Reduces delays in communications with sea-going vessels.