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Quake Global is the world’s leading provider of industrial asset monitoring and tracking communications systems. Quake Global’s asset monitoring and tracking communications systems enable end users to improve daily operations and reduce costs through efficient and cost-effective real-time management of assets anywhere on the planet.

QUAKE is the only provider of network-agnostic M2M communications systems that offer a unified communications protocol for data coverage across multiple global satellite and terrestrial networks from a single device. Its satellite M2M systems offer the highest percentage of satellite in-view time in the industry. QUAKE provides a broad range of specialized GSM communicators and offers the industry’s largest selection of highly customizable, fully programmable M2M solutions for rugged industrial applications.

Quake continues to work with emerging technologies to find new ways to efficiently leverage the latest advancements in M2M communications and enable more efficient and cost-effective real-time management of assets worldwide. QUAKE’s acquisition of Washington D.C.-based ODIN Technologies, Inc., a leading designer of RFID solutions for the healthcare, government, and asset management industries, is part of its continuing commitment to integrate new technologies into its M2M systems.

Regardless of the mode of operation, technology, or network, QUAKE’s strategic partnerships with OEMs, system integrators, VARs, and other providers of satellite and terrestrial communication services enable it to meet the asset monitoring and tracking communications needs of companies worldwide.

Quake Global has engineered and manufactured market-leading asset monitoring and tracking communications systems for more than 10 years. Quake has more than 10 patents in the fields of M2M communication and RFID technology for use in Asset Tracking, and has installed over 500 RFID solution projects worldwide.

Today, trucks, heavy equipment, ships, fishing boats, pipelines, trains, and utility meters around the world are being monitored, tracked and controlled using QUAKE hardware and software solutions — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether your assets are within a facility or campus, or anywhere around the world, Quake Global has an Asset Tracking Solution for you.

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