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Flexible, network-agnostic, feature-rich asset monitoring and tracking.




Who is Quake Global?

Quake Global is the world’s leading provider of industrial asset monitoring and tracking communications systems. Quake Global’s asset monitoring and tracking communications systems enable end users to improve daily operations and reduce costs through efficient and cost-effective real-time management of assets anywhere on the planet.
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QUAKE’s network-agnostic data acquisition, machine, process and motion control, and asset monitoring systems are provided through a worldwide network of strategic partners.

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In addition to satellite and terrestrial tracking communications systems, QUAKE provides market-leading radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions for the healthcare, government, aerospace, industrial and financial services markets. QUAKE’s acquisition of ODIN extends its asset tracking capabilities from WAN to LAN, thereby increasing its breadth in the M2M market.

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  ODIN A Quake Global Company